4motion Technology Featured in the 2017 Golf Sportwagen

2017 Golf Sportwagen

The new 2017 Golf Sportwagen features the latest in 4motion technology for Volkswagen vehicles. Not only this, but the vehicle is one of the most updated models to date. This is the year to invest in one if you haven’t considered it already. Find out why you should invest in the new Sportwagen and the 4motion technology that is found in it.

Instant Classic

The 2017 Golf Sportwagen is sure to be a crowd favorite even with the new Alltrack getting as much attention as it has. The 4motion technology with some of the best engine specs we have seen plus up to 292 hp makes this model one to rival. It will without a doubt be one of the most fun to drive not to mention the power that will come from the EA888 1.8TSI engine and 300 lb-ft of torque. Fall in love with the Golf Sportwagen when you discover the features that make it a great model for 2017.

Technology that Rivals Revolutionary

The 4motion Volkswagen engine found in the Sportwagen make it rival on some of the best engine technology that’s available. When you drive it you will realize what you have been missing from not driving a Volkswagen daily. Not only will it blend in to traffic, but also it is small enough to get around easily when things get crowded. Let the new 2017 Golf Sportwagen guide you to your next destination with the power you have wanted for a long time.

Test-Drive the new 2017 Golf Sportwagen

Come out to Gorman McCracken Volkswagen today to test out the new Sportwagen. Discover what makes it such a great vehicle to invest in this year. Also, stop by for any vehicle needs or concerns you may have. Our professionals are highly trained and always ready to help out.