Celebrate the 40th Annual Great Texas Balloon Race 2017

Hot air balloons for Great Texas Balloon Race

Like the old saying goes “everything is bigger in Texas”. This notion rings true, as the Alamo State provides one of the biggest and best balloon race festivals in the world! The Great Texas Balloon Race gives the general public a bird’s eye view and hours of fun that the whole family can enjoy. The City of Longview is the destination and this year marks the 40th anniversary of the grand event.

What Does the Great Texas Balloon Race Have To Offer

This event stands out because of its size, attractions, excitement, and prestige. It’s title, “Lifting Up Longview”, personifies what this extravagant affair is all about. Some of the very best competitive hot air balloon pilots in the world can be found here. Many pilots and fans have stated that it is the best run event on the circuit. Spectators and participants will receive hours of fun, plenty of panoramic views and a plethora of great food vendors thanks to its eclectic sense of tastes.

What Can Be Expected

When it comes to fun and excitement, this event has a lot to offer. Though certain activities differ each year, the balloon flights are the main attraction. Between Friday and Sunday mornings, the morning time flights give passengers a stunning view of the surrounding area from the sky. The city’s regional airport is the main take-off and landing location, but landing sites tend to change depending on the weather. For those who want to see a vivid display of colors, “Balloon Glows” has you covered. Between Friday and Saturday nights, the area is lit up with some of the most colorful balloons, which just happens to be a fan favorite. Other attractions included are:

  • Kids Lift Off & Landing
  • Merchandise Booths
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Live Concerts & Entertainment

History & Facts

In 1978, the inception of this annual event came into play and over the next few years, it would become a hit. The Longview Mall hosted its first ever Balloon Glow. Its popularity skyrocketed as more and more pilots began to attend the show, which can also be said for enthusiasts. The “Ring Toss” event is very popular and competitive as the pilot’s race to steer their balloons towards a 12-inch ring that sits atop a 20-foot pole.

All in all, GTBR is the main attraction between the days of July 28th-30th of each year. For anyone who’s seeking a family friendly environment with great food, music, and stunning views, this is the place to be. While you are in the area, be sure to check out Gorman McCracken Volkswagen! Our dealership has a variety of quality vehicles to choose from.