Where to Find Frozen Treats in Longview Now That Spring Has Arrived

Frozen yogurt topping

It gets hot in Texas. In fact, it gets so hot that sometimes, you have to cool off with a frozen treat. Fortunately, Longview is full of places that serve frozen treats. Try them all so you can find the best frozen treat in Texas.

Fantastic Freeze

You can’t go wrong with a visit to Fantastic Freeze. This ice cream truck has all of your favorites, such as ice cream sandwiches, push-ups, and fruit bars. You will be in ice cream heaven when you visit this truck. It has an old-school feel to it, so take your kids with you and show them how people used to get their ice cream. Then, you can tell them all about the good old days.

Diddy’s Yogurt Shoppe

Diddy’s Yogurt Shoppe is another popular choice. You can get a sweet treat without the guilt by topping your yogurt with fresh fruit and some nuts. If you would rather indulge, add chocolate and candy to the top of your yogurt. Both options are very tasty, so you can go as low or high calorie as you want without sacrificing a thing.

Brian’s and Scott’s Snowball and Snacks

Brian’s and Scott’s Snowball and Snacks has been around for years, and it is the place to go for a delicious snowball. Try one of the many flavors until you find your favorite. Then, you can keep coming back every time you are in the mood for a snowball.


You will also fall in love with YogurtBar. This self-serve frozen yogurt shop has tons of toppings and lots of flavors. Mix and match your topping and flavors to create the perfect frozen yogurt. Then, relax for a bit while you eat it up.

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