How Harry Potter Books Make the World a Better Place!

Lessons in Harry Potter - Longview

The creator of Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling first came up with the idea of Harry Potter when she was delayed on a train from Manchester to London. She found inspiration for her world of magic through her own experience in real life, so it makes sense that we can learn real world values through her books. Many people of a certain age grew up reading the Harry Potter books (of which the first one was released 15 years ago). For those of us that are too old to have grown up reading the books, many of us found them interesting even as adults. The amazing story of “The Boy Who Lived” allowed people to relate to the tragedies fo life and how you can still be strong and overcome them.

Lessons in Harry Potter - Longview

Blood Doesn’t Always Mean Family

One of the truest concepts that people have learned from the Harry Potter series is that family can be something different for everyone. Orphaned as a baby, Harry Potter never felt close to the family he shared genetics with, but once he arrived at Hogwarts he discovered his magical family. He developed bonds with his friends & teachers that allowed him to know what a true family was like.

Lessons in Friendship

Harry Potter helped you to understand that true friends will have your back no matter what. Harry was thrown into the wizarding world with no idea what to expect and Hagrid, Ron, and Hermione almost instantly became true friends that he could count on. Harry showed fierce loyalty to those close to him and very often risked his own life to protect the ones nearest to him.

Lessons in Harry Potter - Longview

The Difference Between “Talent” & “Intelligence”

There is no denying that Harry Potter was born a very talented Wizard, but we learned throughout his stories that talent only gets you so far. Hermione was extremely clever and understood the importance of entering a battle of wits heavily armed! This combination allowed Harry and his friends to be the strongest force for good in their world. In our world, it reminds us that even the most talented person in the world still needs to practice and work at improvement.

Of course, Hogwarts and Harry Potter are all fictional ideas, but the morals of the stories are very easily relatable to our everyday lives. Next time you are flipping through a Harry Potter book or relaxing in front of one of the movies, think about how the stories and characters relate to your life and the lessons they may be sharing with you.