The Jordan World Circus is Coming to the Oil Palace

Jordan World Circus Longview

The Jordan World Circus is an amazing event that tours the country annually. This circus brings Longview residents a place where families from across the world visit and have tons of fun. The Jordan World Circus has been meticulously planned in order to thrill and entertain every member of your family from the tiniest tot to the tallest teen. Fans of all ages are sure to enjoy a thrilling experience. This year the event is set to occur February 18th & 19th at the Oil Palace in Tyler, Texas and it is expected to be bigger and better than ever!

Jordan World Circus Attractions

The Jordan World Circus attracts visitors from near and far, but Longview residents only need to take the short drive to Tyler to enjoy this year’s attractions! The Jordan World Circus ensures that all the attendants are entertained to the fullest. There are many attractions to look forward to this year including death-defying acts from an aerial view, and hilarious clown shenanigans!

Jordan World Circus 2017 Event Schedule

The Jordan World Circus event will occur again this year in February at Oil Palace in Tyler, Texas (less than an hour drive from Longview). If you can’t make it that weekend and don’t mind a little bit longer of a drive, the Jordan World Circus will be in Texarkana, AR at the Four State Fairground Arena on February 20th. This is still less than a 2-hour drive, allowing you to attend this amazing event even if you can’t make it to Tyler, TX on February 18th or 19th.

The Jordan World Circus is open to all people from near and far. It has been in existence for a while and the attendants can tell you of the fun they experience. The doors are always open for you to grab that ticket and attend. Bring along your all of your friends and family members for a fun adventure of amazing acts and hilarious entertainment at the Jordan World Circus!