What to do with the Kids During the February Cold


The cold months call for a lot of days stuck indoors trying to stay warm. Your kids may get tired of sitting at home, and you need to keep them occupied to find your peace of mind. Take them to any of these locations to keep them interested and help get some of their energy out. You won’t regret taking them out to these locations!

Gregg County Historical Museum

This museum was chartered in 1964, and is now home to rich history for the Longview community to enjoy. Exhibits rotate through to keep things interesting and give perspective to a multitude of important history. Bring your kids here to help them learn important history. This gives them the chance to not only give you a break, but also learn important events that happened in our past.

Kid’s Station

This location is sure to keep your kids occupied for several hours, and they will event be able to get all of their energy out so that when you go home they will be tired enough to actually go to bed. There are games, and tons of play zones to explore. Your kids will for sure thank you for taking them out to this location, and will probably beg to come back. Come out to Kid’s Station to have a great day out during the cold.

Oil Bowl Lanes

Another great location is Oil Bowl Lanes where you can take your kids bowling. This is always a great activity for families that everyone can enjoy. You can even put up the bumpers for you kids to have an easier time competing. This is a sure way to enjoy staying warm and spending time together.

Get Out During the Cold With Your Kids

Pick any of these locations to keep your kids satisfied during the cold months. No matter what they enjoy they are sure to have a great time. On your way there be sure to stop by Gorman McCracken VW for all your vehicle needs and concerns.