Coffee & Bean Shops in Longview, TX: Top 3

Longview Coffee Shops

Coffee: Whether you fall into the cream-with-a-splash-of-coffee camp or stand proud as a black-brew purist, there’s no denying our affinity for it. And since most of us start our day with a fresh mug, it can’t be mediocre. With the choice of coffee houses in Longview, TX, there’s no reason to settle for burnt brews ever again (looking at you, gas stations). Visit one of these local houses for an ambiance and quality you won’t find at the big box shops.

Silver Grizzly Espresso

Calling Silver Grizzly Espresso just a coffee shop borderlines on understatement. As one of Longview’s most popular spots, Silver Grizzly earns rave reviews for its coffees, pastries, and craft beers. Yeah, you read that right – this shop peddles ale from your favorite local breweries, like Oil Horse and True Vine. Inside, you’ll find a modern, upscale atmosphere whose open design scheme is perfect for reclining with the free WIFI.

The coffee is crafted to perfection, with options like Chemex pour-over, espresso, and traditional drip. To add a splash of flavor, ask for one of Silver Grizzly’s house-made syrups – lavender and toasted sugar is a current favorite. Warning that the baristas are pros at latte art, so have your camera ready before you take a sip.

Whether you’re coming for an afternoon tea or a mid-morning pastry, you’ll be impressed by the quality at Silver Grizzly Espresso.

Bridge 281

When you’re not quite ready for your evening to end, visit Bridge 281. This coffee shop is connected to Crossroads Community Church in Longview and is open 6 p.m.–11 p.m. The shop has two levels along with outdoor table seating, so there is plenty of room for a group. There’s a park located nearby, so feel free to take a stroll after you’ve finished your drink.

At Bridge 281, you can select drinks like tea lattes, smoothies, dessert blends, and brewed coffee. The dessert blends, known as Icelanders, come decadently whipped with flavors like Reese’s and Andes Mint. Pick up a bag of beans while you’re in, and take some of Bridge 281’s unique flavors home with you.

Coffee Mill

The Coffee Mill is a locally-owned shop in the Pine Tree area of Longview. The drive-thru makes it a hot spot for a morning pick-me-up, while the cozy indoor lounge offers you a place to linger. Enjoy playing checkers at the shop’s old-school tabletop setup. When you go, ask for a punch card to earn free drinks for your patronage.

Choose from drinks like iced café brève, root beer floats, and café mocha. If you’re feeling famished, the Coffee Mill also serves oatmeal, bagels, and chocolate-covered coffee beans. This local shop is the right pick for people in a hurry and the perfect haven for those ready to relax.

Gorman McCracken Volkswagen

With a great cup of coffee, your day is already off to a great start. Keep up that momentum of greatness, and pay a visit to Gorman McCracken Volkswagen. Sliding into a brand new ride isn’t a bad way to start the day, either.