Finding the Perfect Florist on Red Rose Day!

Red Rose Day Longview
“Roses are Red, and Violets are Blue”, or so we have been told repetitively since we were children through rhymes with numerous variations. All roses are not Red though, but each rose does have a very specific color based on the color. Meanings of Roses by Color Red – Love Pink – Happiness Yellow... [read more]

Get a Pedicure to Celebrate National Go Barefoot Day

woman having pedicure for National Go Barefoot Day
Go barefoot day is June 1st, are you ready with beautiful toes? Go head, walk on beautiful, green, soft grass and you will be helping children around the globe with shoes. How awesome is that? You get to kick off those heels or fancy men's dress shoes and help an... [read more]

How to Save Money Repairing Your VW

Happy customer discusses repairs with auto mechanic in repair shop.
You don’t mind spending money to buy a new vehicle but when it comes to repairs, you like to hold onto your cash. The idea of spending a ton of money on VW repairs is enough to cause chest pains. Follow some quick and easy tips to save money repairing... [read more]

Longview Area Parks You Should Visit

best friends playing together
Spring has sprung, so it’s time to throw open your front door and enjoy the great outdoors. Longview parks make it easy to have fun outside. With tons of parks at your disposal, pick from the best in the area and you will have lots of fun. Rollins Park Food and fun... [read more]

Most Terrifying Rides in the World

Most Terrifying Rides in the World
If you love to ride thrilling roller coasters, then you will enjoy reading this list of scary amusement park rides! Some of these rides with terrifying twists can be found right here in Texas, so residents of Longview may not have far to go to have some fun to ride... [read more]

Why We Love “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee Longview
If you know anything about comedy, then you'll know that Jerry Seinfeld has become one of the most famous comedians of the day. You don't just become famous overnight, though; you have to know what you are doing to make it work. That's exactly what Seinfeld did. But it wasn't... [read more]

Let Groupon Help You Save Big on Events in Longview

Groupon is a great way to find deals to save in your hometown. There are so many options each month for saving money through it in Longview. Find the perfect event for you, and start saving with Groupon today. You won’t be disappointed when you see these amazing deals for... [read more]

East Texas Fairs & Festivals You Don’t Want to Miss

East Texas Fairs
If you live in Longview, Texas, we don't have to tell you how much Texans love their fairs and festivals. There are hundreds of events held each year, ensuring that there is something for everyone! Here are a few Fairs & Festivals coming up in East Texas to help you... [read more]