Get Your Christmas Tree From Local Tree Farms

tree farms
Even though you can get your Christmas tree conveniently from a store, there are still tree farms out there that allow you to pick out and cut down your own. This is a great way to truly get into the Christmas spirit and take you and your family back to... [read more]

2016 Honda Accord vs The 2016 Volkswagen Passat

2016 Honda Accord vs 2016 Volkswagen Passat
There really isn’t a bad car when you are looking for a new midsized family sedan. They all have good reviews and are reliable with included features that are the most up-to-date. Although this is true, there are some cars of this model that excel in areas more than others and... [read more]

5K Runs in the Cold Month of December

December 5k Longview TX
Running in the cold is not always the most fun thing to do, but it can make for a very rewarding accomplishment. 5k’s are a great way to show support for your community and meet other individuals who strive to stay in shape around your area. These are some of... [read more]

Why the VW Car-Net® is a Good Investment For You

VW Tiguan
The VW Car-Net® Security & Service is a program that works directly with your smart device to give you more confidence by providing features like speed and boundary alerts. It gives you Stolen Vehicle Location Assistance and a helping hand when you’re on the road and need it the most.... [read more]