How to Save Money Repairing Your VW

Happy customer discusses repairs with auto mechanic in repair shop.

You don’t mind spending money to buy a new vehicle but when it comes to repairs, you like to hold onto your cash. The idea of spending a ton of money on VW repairs is enough to cause chest pains. Follow some quick and easy tips to save money repairing your VW. These tips will help you keep your VW on the road and money in your bank for a win-win situation.

Go by the Book

Your VW has a specific maintenance schedule that you should follow to keep it up and running. This maintenance schedule was set up to prevent major problems from occurring. Get the schedule for your specific VW and then follow it to the letter.

You also need to use the proper oil. Not only will it lube up your engine, the right motor oil can actually make your VW 1 to 2 percent more efficient. That alone is a great way to save extra cash. Finally, keep your tires properly inflated to prevent blowouts improve your VW’s efficiency by over 3 percent. If you aren’t sure how full your vehicle’s tires need to be, consult your manual since it has all of the necessary information for keeping your VW road ready.

Don’t Ignore Alerts

Some people look at alerts as suggestions. They see a check engine light come on and they think, “I can wait until my next oil change to get that checked out.” The longer you wait, the more likely it is that you will have to spend big bucks to get something fixed. Because some issues will damage your vehicle, the repair costs will keep adding up until you take your vehicle to the shop.

You can also save money by going to a specialist for your repairs. The team at Gorman McCracken VW in Longview, Texas, has the experience necessary to quickly diagnose and fix problems. While other mechanics might charge you hundreds of dollars just to find the problem, our service team can get started on the solution immediately and save you tons of money.