Check Out These DIY Summer Projects

DIY make popsicles

Even though Summer might be approaching an end, don’t let the fun stop! Get crafty and spend the rest of your Summer putting together these DIY Summer projects. Read about how to make creative projects that you’ll have a blast preparing and putting together. Affordable supplies to purchase for each activity are also linked for your convenience. So, try a DIY project this Summer, the perfect activity to do with the kids or the whole family!

Decorate a Birdhouse

Jazz up your backyard with a home-made bird house! The kids will love getting artsy with this project, and it is very do-able. The first step is to build or purchase a wooden, unfinished bird house. Many craft stores will have plain bird houses available for purchase. Click here to purchase some from Oriental Trading. After the first step, the possibilities with decorating the house are endless. Let the kids express themselves by drawing, painting, or gluing on the house. Try out this craft and you can give birds a new home inside your very own creation!

Tie Dye T-Shirts

No matter what age you are, tie dying is something that everyone loves to do! Spruce up a plain white t-shirt, pants, or pillow case this Summer when tie dying with the family.  Make sure to do this activity in a spacious, outdoor area to avoid a mess and the smells that come along with the dye. This DIY can be very affordable if you purchase a pre-made kit from any craft store. Click here to purchase one from Amazon. Add some color to your life and try tie dying this Summer!

Make Delicious Popsicles

Who doesn’t enjoy a good popsicle on a sunny day? When the kids are craving a sweet treat this Summer, try making home-made popsicles! This activity is extremely easy and fun to do. First, purchase a mold for the popsicles; some come in fun shapes and sizes! Then, fill the molds with whatever you’d like. Make your popsicles sweet, fruit-filled, or even healthy! The possibilities are endless with this activity.

Click here to purchase a dinosaur-shaped mold from Sur La Table.

 Make Your Own Bath Bomb

Love bath bombs? Get fancy and create some of your own! This easy activity will be worth it next time you’re wanting to take a relaxing bath. Create your own bath bomb by purchasing a mold, once again. The other supplies needed will most likely already be in the household: Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Epsom Salts, Water, Olive Oil, Food Coloring, a Bowl, a Jar, and a Whisk. After mixing, molding, and waiting for it to solidify, you will have your very own bath bomb in no time! Click here for a full list of steps.

Click here to purchase a pack of 10 plastic molds from Bulk Apothecary.

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