Most Terrifying Rides in the World

Most Terrifying Rides in the World

If you love to ride thrilling roller coasters, then you will enjoy reading this list of scary amusement park rides! Some of these rides with terrifying twists can be found right here in Texas, so residents of Longview may not have far to go to have some fun to ride them. Others are located out of the country, giving you a reason to take a thrill-seeking trip! Be sure to make plans to ride these roller coasters as soon as you can.

Goliath Roller Coaster Ride in Six Flags Fiesta

First, let’s check out the rides that are close to home. The Goliath roller coaster at Six Flags makes riders dangle as they go up more than ten stories. It then speeds through almost 3,000 feet of turns and spirals at 50 mph! It turns you over at least five times, puts you through zero gravity, and at least one loop is a daunting seven stories high.

Formula Rossa in Abu Dhabi at Ferrari World

If you like roller coasters, here’s another scary one for you. Check out this ride located at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi called the Formula Rossa. Billed as the fastest in the world, it can go 240 KPH (or about 150 MPH). It is so fast that riders are required to wear goggles to protect their eyes from potentially being stabbed by any floating airborne items. Sounds scary enough, right?

Try the Leap of Faith in the Bahamas at Atlantis

Do you think you would enjoy dropping 70 feet into a lagoon teeming with dozens of hungry sharks? Yes, this is possible. Although you will be racing down a transparent tube to do so, it’s still a major heart throbbing experience! This can be achieved at the Nassau Paradise Island in the Bahamas. The Leap of Faith is just one of the many very unique water attractions they have at this park, but it would be hard to top sliding into a pool of sharks!

Leap of Faith in the Bahamas at Atlantis

SCAD Tower in Denmark at Tivoli Friheden

Another scary drop ride is the Scad Tower in Denmark. You go up, up, up to be placed above a chasm at 100 feet. Then BAM! You are dropped and are hurtling 88 KPH (or about 55 MPH) to slam into a net that catches you at the bottom; after you swallow your heart on the way down of course!

These are just a few of the most terrifying rides that await you across the world. If you are a Longview, TX thrill seeker, hop into a vehicle from Gorman McCracken Volkswagen and try out a scary roller coaster near you on your next adventure!