Why the VW Car-Net® is a Good Investment For You

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The VW Car-Net® Security & Service is a program that works directly with your smart device to give you more confidence by providing features like speed and boundary alerts. It gives you Stolen Vehicle Location Assistance and a helping hand when you’re on the road and need it the most. Find out why the VW Car-Net® is causing so many people to invest in Volkswagen.

Safety and Security

Sometimes things get crazy in life and you need some assistance on the road. The VW Car-Net® Security & Service has a Secure and safe feature that is always there when those times arise. In the event of a crash it automatically alerts VW agents to your problem through the Automatic Crash Notification, and calls Roadside Assistance. The VW Car-Net® Security & Service also gives you updates about your vehicle even when you’re not using it, which gives you a close watch on the kids when they ask to borrow your car. It tells you speed and virtual boundary parameters that you set, and if either is exceeded then you will be notified.

Convenience From the VW Car-Net® Feature

VW Car-Net® Security & Service connects to your smart device allowing the most control and convenience when it comes to checking up on your Volkswagen.

Other Features through Your Smartphone

Along with the VW Car-Net® Security & Service you also have remote vehicle access from your smart device. This allows you to see the status of your car, lock and unlock your doors, make it honk and flash the lights, find your car’s parked location, and even send directions to the navigation system. This gives you so many fun features to mess with without even being in your car. The VW Car-Net® maintenance features also help you know how your Volkswagen is doing when it comes to its health. It gives a Vehicle Health Report with diagnostics information letting you know when it is time for a check-up

Try It Out Today

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