Keep Your Yard Well-Groomed with these Raking Hacks

Raking leaves

Falling leaves is a symbolic part of autumn that people love to see. However, these leaves can become a bit of a hassle once it’s time to clean your yard. Don’t let the leaves get you down this year. Take advantage of these raking hacks and keep your yard looking clear with ease all season long!

Get Equipped

The first step to sufficiently grooming your yard during the fall season is utilizing the proper equipment. Though you may have used a metal fan rake for years, this is not the best option if you are looking to lighten your workload. Instead, consider checking out tools that are popular today, such as the Lee Valley Power Rake or other power rake options. This will also cut down your raking time, so that you can spend less time grooming your yard and more time enjoying this festive season with family and friends.

Embrace the Whirlwind

We’ve all been there: You’re raking your yard, and right when you get into the grove of getting everything in a neat pile, the wind blows all of your leaves away. Then, you’re caught in the midst of a battle between the wind, the leaves, and your rake. It may be hard to believe, but the wind can actually be your friend on rake day. You just have to change up your method a bit.

Instead of raking your leaves against the wind, allow the wind to help you by raking WITH the wind. Follow the pattern of the breeze, and the pile will actually form more easily. It’s just that simple!


Of course, you don’t want your yard to have an overload of leaves at any given time. However, it might not be necessary to rake your lawn too often toward the beginning of the season. Keep in mind that the leaves will continue to fall. Therefore, it will save a significant amount of time and effort if you schedule your heavy duty raking days after the trees are a bit more bare.

Take One Bit at a Time

Instead of raking all of your leaves into one large pile, consider raking them into smaller piles. Also, be sure to rake these small piles of leaves onto a piece of tarp or plastic. This will come in handy when you are ready to transfer the leaves to another location, as you can easily drag the tarp or plastic and move an entire pile at once.

Work Smart

Also, take care of your body – don’t overwork yourself. You can lighten the load by dividing your yard into sections and revisiting this task after you’ve had a bit of a break. Additionally, be sure that you are keeping a good posture, standing upright, bending your knees (not your back), and switching your hands around every so often. You’ll be surprised at the difference this makes.


These are just a few great ways to keep your yard clear during the fall season. Utilize these hacks, and you’re sure to have the best yard on the block! Then, after you have cleared your yard to your liking, stop by and see us at Gorman McCracken VW. Our professionals are here to take care of all of your automotive needs.